Friday, April 18, 2014

a little video

remember last month when we went to indiana?
well we went to the children's museum and had a blast.
here's a little video i made of our day there.
it is to be noted that sometimes i have blinders on when it comes to pictures/videos when my child is around.
my SIL and her two sweet kids were there the whole time, the 4 year old was so fast and uninterested in 1 year old activities i didn't get him in a single video :( and the almost 2 year old is in only a couple videos because our kids were constantly running different directions. i don't know how moms go and bring 4 kids, how do you watch them all!?

nothing fancy, but we had fun :)

go here if you can't watch the video on the blog

1 comment:

Andy Ballstaedt said...

Cute video! does that take you long to do? That museum looks fun!