Tuesday, April 22, 2014

maxson of lately

maxson is so busy. oh man that is one growing boy. oh boy he loves to make messes, in his mind anything is fair game that is reachable to him on counter tops: bags of cereal, chips, crackers, rice (that he'll dump out), a stick of butter (that's he'll smear everywhere), a jar of vaseline (that he'll put all over his face), the box of tissues (that he'll pull them all out and start tearing them apart), the bag of apples on the counter (that he'll think are balls and throw [hard] at you[r face]), your half finished bowl of cereal (that will fall all over the floor, and he'll begin playing in the milk), any pens/markers/pencils (that he'll suck on or draw on the floor with), and the list goes on… haha. it's amazing how terrifying sounds can be. one freak out one is when he gets a hold of the large unopened bag of m&m's and starts trying to find an opening. it doesn't matter what room you're in, that bag always sounds like it's open and it's a terrifying sound.

there's tons of hilariously cute small things he does all day long that i think "i should write that down." but getting out my computer means maxson wants to be on the computer which doesn't go down so hot. he's obsessed with phones, obsessed. unhealthily obsessed to the point that he is not ever allowed to play with either of our phones ever, ha. he loves to make his car sound to anything that has wheels. he says mama, dada, papa, ball (ba), and shoes (szzhoozz). he's doing great at pointing to a bunch of body parts, his (our) favorite lately is "where's your lips?" and he puffs them out in an exaggerated kiss face and then we make him give us kisses. it's pretty much our favorite.

he's more of a cuddler than i give him credit for. before naps he always melts into me, after naps the same thing. and that at random points in the day i can get him to just lounge on me/cuddle into me while i sing him songs. whenever we ask him questions he always nods his head ya to them. his "ya" always sounds different though, ha.

timeout is kind of hilariously cute. he's begun hitting us (not so cute). that along with any other behavior we want him to stop, we firmly say "no, we don't do x, go to timeout" he promptly walks over to the corner by the door, sticks his nose in the corner and we count to 10, and he actually stays there until 10, ha! is he truly learning anything from timeouts? i'm not really sure yet. it does take him out of the situation and let's us talk to him with eye contact afterwards, but it's not like he protests going, he willingly goes right away (there's been a few times he's not done that but you get what i mean).

sleep is getting more stable he might wake up in the middle of the night 2 of the 7 nights of a week. we go into comfort him for  second and he goes back down pretty easy. he sleeps 10 1/2-11 hours a night. naps are hit and miss. sometimes they're 45 minutes (like right now when i'm actually taking time to blog, grrr), or sometimes 2 hours. how he does for both nap time and night time sleep doesn't really effect the others quality oddly enough. he's always a gem to put down for any kind of sleep though, doesn't care a lick.

i just love that little boy so stinking much. he makes my heart burst with happiness!


Andy Ballstaedt said...

I love your timeouts haha so cute.

Cherri said...

you should take a video of timeouts