Saturday, April 5, 2014

winter, tears, and hugs

the other day i had a meltdown. i am done with winter. DONE. it's kinda killed a little piece of my soul this year, i think my mistake was not taking a trip to arizona in march, after that many months of winter my soul needs to be outside in the warmth. no warmth coupled with an active toddler, a small house, and very few indoor places to retreat to has done a number on me. don't worry i don't have depression and i've survived the winter and i've still gotten together with friends, i'm just so over the winter season. 

so as i was on the floor like a blubbering bafoon crying my complaints out to casey, i saw maxson just stand there in the middle of the room staring at me, he was so confused at what i was doing. he slowly kept inching toward me, not taking his eyes off me. soon enough he was standing right in front me looking straight into my eyes with a kind of questionable face. he then slowly came into my lap and put his arms around my neck and held me/let me hold him while i cried, he pulled away and began touching the tears running down my face, this was all so new to him. he was so still anad calm and cuddly, so unlike middle of the day maxson. i think he sensed what to do since i had done the same to him so many times over the past 16 months. 

it was a really sweet moment, sure i was temporarily unhappy with my situation, but it was just so sweet how maxson reacted to my sad moment. it made me go from feeling like a -2 to a 4. man i love that mr maxson of mine. (i can't forget casey in this situation though, maxson soothed my physical-emotional needs at the moment but casey soothed my mental-emotional needs. that man sure gets me through everything, he's the best husband.)

ON A MUCH HAPPIER NOTE. this weekend is general conference, it's been wonderful thus far!  2 times a year the prophet of the lord speaks to us and it's just so incredibly uplifting. watch with us on sunday at 10 am/2 pm MST, you can watch it live on!


Cherri said...

YAY for April 20th take off!!!!

Cody and Camille said...

Love that you're keeping it real. We all have those moments where we are just SO done! What a sweet little boy that Max is. Love you dear!