Thursday, April 3, 2014

our spring break in indiana

for supposedly the last year this was our last opportunity to visit indiana! we do love visiting family and this trip did no disappoint. the adventurous casey persisted through my grumblings of not wanting to drive 11 hours with maxson and took us to indiana anyways. i'm so glad casey loves to travel because trips are always worth awful drive in the end.

parked it with the family which was stupendous
 photo IMG_9505_zps2aa7c529.jpg
 photo IMG_9506_zps15a04518.jpg
 photo IMG_9530_zpsda4041e5.jpg
 photo IMG_9498_zpsd896c144.jpg
 photo IMG_9466copy_zps645f0e0f.jpg
 photo IMG_9449copy_zps45bd712a.jpg
 photo IMG_9478copy_zps12391ccf.jpg
played don't eat pete, maxson cracked us up with how he caught on
 photo IMG_0503_zpse1de8bf4.jpg
st. patrick's day! camille is so great at making lots of green things. we had the most scrumptious green lime cake, green chicken lemon garlic pasta, green mini german pancakes (some were green). most the kids did not like all the food colored green, ha. funniest part is that we colored the milk green and when i gave it to max he expected it to taste yummy (like from strawberry/chocolate milk mix), he wasn't happy that it didn't have a new fun taste, ha.
 photo IMG_0517_zpsf60afc39.jpg
 photo IMG_0510_zpsdacb18a2.jpg
 photo IMG_0481_zpsd30886ef.jpg
camille and her kiddos in their green
 photo IMG_0500copy_zps9d0bdffc.jpg
littles making messes
 photo IMG_0478_zps188dccd3.jpg
 photo IMG_0514copy_zpsb5d2ce66.jpg
one day we went to the children's museum in indiana which was quite spectacular, it was like a mini amusement park! there was so much fun for the kids, max loved exploring it all
 photo IMG_0562_zps667c5b3c.jpg
 photo IMG_0540_zps4d1f0a0d.jpg
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 photo IMG_0545_zpsb5c1a907.jpg
 photo IMG_0620copy_zpsb850882d.jpg
 photo IMG_0618copy_zpsab868724.jpg
 photo IMG_0601copy_zpsd07ae83f.jpg
chalk and bikes outside
 photo IMG_1183_zpse547b780.jpg
 photo IMG_1213_zpsb069e2c0.jpg
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 photo IMG_1204copy_zpsbf76cf10.jpg
i helped camille make new pillow covers, they turned out sober cute. this is my 4th set of pillow coverings i've done, they're so fun.
 photo IMG_1215_zps169207a3.jpg

and that is some of our trip!
we're so lucky to have such good friends in our family members, i know maxson loved being around other children 24/7. he slept absolutely awful while there but has recovered since.
boy oh boy we love our family!!!


Alissa said...

Those pillows are so cute! Once I figure out curtains I might have you help me with pillows since you are apparently a pro. :)

curtis and jacque dana said...

You guys always have the best adventures!!! Love the pillows too:)

Anonymous said...

Maxson looks so much like Casey! He looks like such a treasure! xoxo

Cody and Camille said...

So fun to re-live that week of togetherness! You guys always bring such light and fun to our home. Loved having you as always!:)