Friday, April 18, 2014

life lately

a few recent pictures prior to our indiana trip!

there was a sunday evening a few weeks ago that was so warm and beautiful, it was definitely that glimpse of glorious spring/summer.
a bunch of the neighbors on the street met in the backyard where the kids played, husbands played corn hole, and wives chatted, it was wonderful. funny how the kids have changed so much though, last year they were crawling around on blankets and this year they're all literally running all over the place!
come back warm weather!
 photo IMG_9385_zps511255fa.jpg
 photo IMG_9396_zps3b6efb66.jpg
 photo IMG_9425_zps6feff54e.jpg
 photo IMG_9344copy_zpsa5516082.jpg
 photo IMG_9376_zps8dba98fb.jpg
 photo IMG_9367_zps0ba0e843.jpg
friends eat (green) pancakes together
 photo IMG_9444_zps3a8d55eb.jpg
this is definitely one of my most favorite pictures in a long time, he fell into the drum and got stuck, he wasn't too happy
 photo IMG_9338_zpsa80607c3.jpg
maxson insists we read where the wild things to him 20 times a day, and i mean, like, 6 times in a row too. this week i hid the book on top of the bookshelf, ha i needed a break from it
 photo IMG_1221_zpsc0c3631d.jpg
helping dad study while begging for chips. do you see how tall he is?
 photo IMG_1236_zpsaf53f63a.jpg

sometimes max gets super upset when 1 parent leaves without him, funny boy
 photo IMG_1231_zps374fb668.jpg
he was watching videos of himself on the computer and loving it
 photo IMG_1230_zps0f983e35.jpg

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Andy Ballstaedt said...

he looks really tall! Is he?