Monday, March 24, 2014

at 15 months

max is in a new phase. a new phase that has a few not so fun aspects to it. but let's talk about 15 month maxson!
 photo IMG_9315_zps157e5af4.jpg
 photo IMG_9319_zps2c7eb7fc.jpg
he is a gentle giant. 95% of the time he is pretty dang sweet to the people around him, those smaller especially. that doesn't mean he doesn't fight (read yell) over toys with other little kids in a battle for the toy but he's still doing pretty well regarding that whole area.

he uses the fork/spoon really well now, it's amazing to watch him develop and actually get the concept.

eating and sleeping are hit and miss in both categories. you win some, you lose some. but there is lots of winning going on so i can't complain too much.
 photo IMG_9371_zps174268ca.jpg
he loves to play peek a boo, and i mean playing peek a boo when he's hiding his eyes from you, it's so darling.

we play outside as much as possible, exploring is a favorite for sure.
 photo IMG_9355copy_zps31a5b990.jpg
favorite items include phones, computers, ipads, books, and specific foods. balls are definitely making a new push for top of the toy chain.

yelling, he loves to yell, yell in frustration, yell to be funny, yell in madness, yell in happiness, yell to get your attention. lots of yelling…waiting on those words to appear…

loves reading books/flipping through them.
 photo IMG_9348_zps85c9ad85.jpg
church is getting hard. this is the 4th sunday in a row where after sacrament reading we are both exhausted looking at each other like "how can we keep doing this?" ha, i know it will get better, but it is beginning to get more difficult that it was before!
 photo IMG_9370_zps31df8339.jpg
he's climbing on everything. nothing is safe from his reach, seriously. a con to having tall children is they can reach things so much more easily, ha.

15 month stats:
height: 32 1/2 in, 87%ile
weight: 26# 13 oz, 93%ile
head 18 3/4 in, 75-90%ile

i think we are beginning to see a small glimpse of what temper tantrums with this boy will look like, and they're not pretty. but he's worth all the tears, sleepless nights, prayers, and frustrations. love him so darn much. every day i just kiss on his little face as much as i can and he's so patient at allowing me to do so! we love you mr maximus.


Danielle said...

Oh my word the sacrament meeting thing. I LOVE being the momma of a boy. Also boys are so busy! Milo needs to go to every door, eat every hymn book, run down every aisle, grab every wheelchair wheel, and explore everyone's bag. It's intense. Also Sunday school hasn't happened in.. a while.

Nicole said...

He is so cute and big! I just want to squeeze him. I love reading about what he's up to as he gets bigger, it gives me a little preview of the things that Stella will be doing!

Maxson is so darling!

AN Petersen said...

Sacrament Meeting......there are no words..... i hope it gets better for you, i am still waiting for that day.

Cherri said...

Your day will come in about 20 yrs.... ha.... wish I could kiss on him.... kisses from long distance!

Andy Ballstaedt said...

Your life makes me feel sentimental Kimber. So do my hormones. But mostly your blog :)