Sunday, May 5, 2013

maxson: 5 months old

here we are at 5 months!
let's see what this cute little boy is up to.
 photo IMG_8227copy_zps03404c69.jpg
we just  started a few solids and it's been so much fun!
he doesn't care too much for rice cereal, always gives us that really sour/questioning face and stops eating it all together after a few spoonfuls.
banana on the other hand!
i can't feed it to him quick enough!
i'll write more on it later :)
 photo IMG_8211copy_zps68587a3d.jpg
remember on his 4 month update i said how he finally rolled tummy to back?
since that day, he's done it a total of 7 times.
not sure if that really means he knows how to do it, but he has done it nonetheless.
back to tummy though?
constantly flipping to get to his tummy.
that's where he spends most of his time when on the ground these days.
 photo IMG_8269_zpsfa3dc6e8.jpg
he now plays and reaches for toys while on his tummy.
it's fun to watch.
 photo IMG_8311copy_zps46dcb50d.jpg
speaking of reaching things,
he now takes his paci out of his mouth with his hand,
he'll then try putting it back in his mouth, but it goes in sideways,
it's precious.
 photo IMG_8196_zps1e5944bd.jpg
we just got an exersaucer (which takes up SOOO much space!) for him,
and he LOVES it.
putting him in it made him grow a few months in a blink of an eye.
suddenly he went from playing on the floor or in a seated like position to a standing like position.
he springs up out of it and loves it.
the following 2 smiles are ones he always gives me while in the exersaucer and i'm in the kitchen,
they're kinda fake looking but SO adorable when he does them!
 photo IMG_8263_zps304b5852.jpg
 photo IMG_8279_zpsbbb411c4.jpg
eh, it's a toss up these days.
ha, no consistency except inconsistency.
sometimes he fights me to go to sleep, other times it's a breeze.
sometimes he takes 2 really long naps and a third cat nap, other times it's struggling to get four 30 min naps.
sometimes he sleeps 7-9 hours at night and then another 3 after that, other times it's up every 3 hours ready to go at 6:30 am, ooy.
at least he's super cute when he's awake.
 photo IMG_8196_zps1e5944bd.jpg
he'll easily smile and laugh at us these days.
melts my heart.
 photo IMG_8292copy_zps844d5456.jpg
he also jabber/squawks like crazy.
the noises are seriously so cute.
sometimes he makes noises when he's just playing/bored, trying to get my attention, talking back to me, or i swear he's teasing me with some of them.
 photo IMG_8300_zpsf2632b54.jpg
he loves diaper changes.
we bring him up to the changing table and he's immediately happy.
he laughs when we take the diaper off and re-snap a new one on.
he stills attacks my arm when i'm putting a new diaper on, it's just like his thing.
he's also begun to play with the lowest rain drop that he can reach,
it's cute watching him arch his back to try and reach it/catch it.
looks like we may be taking that drop away soon so it doesn't all come crashing down!
 photo IMG_8371copy_zps2aa163c7.jpg
on that note of diaper changes,
he really likes when i have to take a shirt off his head.
he pushes his chin to his chest,shrugs his shoulders, squints his eyes, and gives me the biggest closed mouth smile.
 photo IMG_8385_zpsa8a69fce.jpg
his fist?
still always in his mouth.
he loves it.
 photo IMG_8348copy_zps89d12c85.jpg
casey is definitely the favored parent for calming maxson down to go (back) to sleep.
i don't know if casey has more patience than me at it or if he's just better and maxson responds better to him.
either way, i'm so grateful when casey is available to actually help at those times.
 photo IMG_8434copy_zps4ae3d04f.jpg
 photo IMG_8341copy_zps2aa2ef6c.jpg
he's definitely found his toes.
his cloth diapers create a little too much bulk in the waist area to allow him easily to grab them, he still does sometimes, but it just takes him more effort.
so when those beloved diaper changing sessions come it's like there's a magnet connecting his feet, hands, and mouth.
the happy baby yoga pose means so much more now.
sometimes i'll try replicating his leg movements next to him, and, um, yeah it's way too tiring after about the 4th movement.
 photo IMG_8319copy_zpsc6b64623.jpg

his 5 month photos were SOOO fun to take.
we amazingly had great lighting, he was in a great mood, and casey was right there next to me making him smile and be happy.
it was the hardest thing going through and keeping only my favorites.
we're starting to see a little personality peep through and i love it!


Purposely at Home said...

so so cute! he is such an adorable little boy.

have a happy week. :)


Shane and Clara said...

so cute! I love the ones of him on his tummy where his chin and cheeks are so defined. I love the little baby fingers that grasp and the one where his got Casey's face....yea, those are sweet loves!

Cody and Camille said...

Oh my goodness, we can't wait to see that cute boy!

Andy Ballstaedt said...

I seriously can't get over how beautiful your baby is. He is like a little model. Seriously he could be a diaper model.