Saturday, May 11, 2013

happy mother's day!

happy mother's day!
to my wonderful mother and casey's wonderful mother.
the 2 greatest women to influence our lives.
we love love love you both!
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we're lucky enough to spend the day before mother's day with casey's mum
and the day after with my mum.
the love they have given to us is always infinite,
and now that i'm a mother, their love means so much more and i am now so much more aware of their sacrifice.
there truly have been so many other wonderful mothers in our lives that have influenced us,
and today we thank and honor them!

and now because of our little maxson, i've been given the greatest gift of being called a mother too.
there's is nothing, nothing i would rather be doing in my life,
it truly is the greatest calling.
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my SIL shared this video with me and i want to share it with you!
do enjoy and happy mother's day!!!!

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Cherri said...

Thank you my sweet kimber