Wednesday, May 1, 2013

playing outside

maxson turned 5 months today, woo!
i'm going to wait on posting his 5 month post yet until i get some photos.
the weather has turned awfully gloomy and may be like this for a few days, therefor there's not enough light to take pictures inside :(

although it's now cold freezing here (again, mmmmmmmmeh),
last weekend was gorgeously warm!
sunday i spread out our  jean blanket (thanks for finishing it mom!!!!) in the front yard and camped out for an hour or two.
maxson was smitten with all things outside.
i don't think he's stayed up on his arms for such an extended period of time before.
he was so intrigued by it all.
all the cars passing by in different directions,
anyone walking,
the birds,
the sky,
the trees,
the houses,
the squirrels,
you name it and his eyes were on it.
it was really fun for me to watch him take it all in.
he's really such an observant little baby.
 photo IMG_8092_zps2b0fc19f.jpg
 photo IMG_8095_zpsc8229ce5.jpg
 photo IMG_8098_zpsd12c6c4d.jpg
 photo IMG_8106copy_zpsb2370d3b.jpg
 photo IMG_8118copy_zpsf0c365eb.jpg
the daddy was finally able to come home and join us for the last 15 minutes and we were both so happy.
 photo IMG_8127_zps7ca8c9d5.jpg

i foresee lots of outside time in the coming summer months


Nicole said...

His face in the second picture kills me, I love it!
You look beautiful, by the way. Motherhood suits you.

Shane and Clara said...

awh....being outside is a whole new world for him!

question?....the pictures you have side by you do that in a photo editing like photoshop or do you upload them and then get them to be side by side?

Anonymous said...

he is such an amazing mix of you and casey. I love his face.

Cherri said...

Spring nothing like it.... especially when it keeps happening over... and over.... and Nebraska.