Wednesday, May 22, 2013

fun in the sun

we pretty much got in the pool everyday here.
we loved it.
casey was the fun parent getting in all the way, splashing around with everyone.
i was the boring mom making sure max was covered in sunscreen and a hat and not too cold and not in the sun for too long.
i'm so funnnnnnnnnnnn.
but really, maxson loved it too (except on the 2 days where it was a little chiller [note: slight breeze and 93 degrees instead of 100...] he would make large grunting noises the entire time:)
one of my brothers came over with his family a few different days which added to the fun :)
here's the plethora of pictures we took over the week of swimming, because a baby's first swim cannot be overrated!
yeah, and i totally forgot the whole swim suit for maxson part...swim diaper it was!!!
it's charlie banana.
 photo IMG_9228copy_zps0aa121f8.jpg
 photo IMG_9267_zpsa886e94d.jpg
 photo IMG_9275-1_zpsffe7275e.jpg
 photo IMG_9257copy_zps0e198172.jpg
 photo IMG_9230_zps5696c0e6.jpg
 photo IMG_9283_zps8f3a9410.jpg
 photo IMG_9271_zpsa4a629e5.jpg
 photo IMG_9365_zpsd9a9640b.jpg
 photo IMG_9410copy_zps3543cf31.jpg
 photo IMG_9382_zpsd23ab2c0.jpg
 photo IMG_9393_zps7c2cc3a0.jpg
 photo IMG_9398copy_zps7a450ccd.jpg
 photo IMG_9424copy_zpsb446588a.jpg
 photo IMG_9439-1_zps99472064.jpg
 photo IMG_9518_zps19ce5847.jpg
 photo IMG_9448_zps7e96a414.jpg
 photo IMG_9477copy_zpsa9177107.jpg
 photo IMG_9484-1_zpsacba204f.jpg
 photo IMG_9566_zps81f175d6.jpg
 photo IMG_9577_zpsae34e3fe.jpg
 photo IMG_9587copy_zps71dd1ffd.jpg
 photo IMG_9579_zpsc8dbd57c.jpg

other notes:
-my parent's pool is awesome.
it was built as a pool for handicap access so there's a whole ramp that goes down the side of it,
it will be sooooo awesome for the kids!
-funny the difference a few degrees in the weather will make for swimming.
-sunscreen has to be one of my most favorite smells in the whole world.
-children make swimming so much more fun
-maxson is pool lover, i think the future brings fun things for us in there :)


Shane and Clara said...

ahh, I love the sleeping baby one! and I love your cute swim suit. Where is it from?

Nicole said...

I love this so much! Maxson is killing me with his chubby legs, he is so cute. I wish our Arizona trips overlapped, I'm so sad we don't get to see each other!

P.S. you look fabulous

Brooke said...

Oh my word, his little hat KILLS me. And girl. You look so bangin!

The Blackwelders said...

You look so cute! Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun!

Andy Ballstaedt said...

I love the picture of him sleeping. So precious. And cute suit Kimber! You look really good.