Thursday, May 23, 2013

throwback thursday

so i've never done the throwback thursday pictures on instagram,
BUT it just so happens that today is thursday and i finally have pictures gathered to compare maxson to cute baby casey/kimber!

the majority of people who meet maxson immediately rave at how much he looks like casey.
i have yet to hear once that he looks like me
(i take that back, they FIRST say how much he looks like casey and then follow up with a "but i can see the woodruff side in him too!)
but i don't mind at all, i think it's true.
max // casey
 photo Untitled-6_zpsaef2f74a.jpg
max // kimber
 photo Untitled-5_zps4042868e.jpg
max // kimber
 photo Untitled-4_zps1a36585e.jpg
casey // max
 photo Untitled-7_zps34dc782e.jpg
although everyone says maxson is the spitting image of casey, which i totally agree, i was so surprised (and happy) to see that maxson DOES resemble pictures of me as a baby as well!
it's not as fair comparing casey's baby pics to maxson's because casey was one large baby
maxson at 2 months: 12# 2 oz
casey at 2 months: 15 # 2 oz
but i think the older (and chunkier) maxson gets, the more pictures of little casey and max will resemble each other.
even until then, in person, maxson looks just like his daddy.

other things to note:
it has been mentioned quite a few times that when casey was a baby, he too was very difficult to get smiles from.
like father like son...


Joe and Jocelyn Sigety said...

Holy crap!! He looks exactly like you kimber! Like twins!!

Cody and Camille said...

For a second there, I thought you had cropped Max's face onto your baby pic Kimbrer!!! Holy smokes, he looks SOOO much like both of you! But I would have to say he's more like a Kimber baby.

Blair said...

wow he looks just like you as a baby! So cute. Good comparison.

Brooke said...

OH MY WORD, you two are identical! That's so precious. He will be one gorgeous adult, that's for sure :)

Cherri said...

Very fun to compare!

The Christophersons said...

So looks like you as a baby!!!! Can't believe how much!!!! I thought it might be a trick too.

Laura said...

Hooray for comparison pics! And I agree with everyone, you cloned yourself. :)

Andy Ballstaedt said...

Okay no. He looks IDENTICAL to you as a baby. It's crazy. He looks more like you by far!!