Thursday, November 29, 2012

40 weeks and still pregnant.

instead of writing a post of how bitter and depressed i still am (which is a draft in blogger actually)
i will write a post of things i have loved while pregnant.

1. satin sheets.
they make ALL the difference when sleeping.
at the end of this pregnancy i'm constantly having to switch from side to side in the middle of the night.
when you have all that weight on your stomach it takes ALL your effort to turn.
satin sheets help you totally slide from one side to the other.
heavenly i tell you.

2. very fashionable compression socks.
made all the difference in the size of my feet at the end of the day.
there finally were no creases of skin on my ankles at the end of the day!

3. maxi dresses
it's so nice not having tight clothing under, on, or above your belly.
not having to pull at clothes to make sure nothing is showing or tight or unflattering on you

i only bought this one shirt and 1 pair of maternity jeans for my "pregnant" wardrobe.
the shirt is seriously so comfy and perfect every way.
it's long, soft, perfect amount of ruching on the sides to make you look cute.
plus, wearing the black made me feel much skinnier than i probably was.
if you're not going to "buy" any maternity clothes, take back what you said and at least get 1 black and white fitted maternity shirt with elastic sides.
you can wear them with SO many things and their fit makes you feel so good.
an absolute pregnancy wardrobe staple in my book.
plus they're usually cheap.

5. casey.
sorry don't think you can get yourselves this model but maybe you can find something similar

6. a large water bottle.
and i mean LARGE.
you'll be drinking so much water the last thing you want to do is fill up my bottle every 30 minutes.

that's it for now.

send all your "get out baby/go into labor" thoughts my way and i'd surely appreciate it.

and if you'd like to leave any tips on how i can coax this baby to come out, i'd appreciate that too :)


Anonymous said...

Number 5...ahahah

Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Oh Kimber!
I did everything to get Porter here an he was stuborn! I wish you had some black and blue cohosh or claragy sage. Those both did it with Kreed along with the other stuff I told you. I was induced with Treyson. He will be here before you know it! Hang in there and I can't wait to see his sweet face!!

Cherri said...

try to focus on keeping it all in and the in usually tries to come out. You look the best a woman ever can -- sacrificing self for another life.

Jacie Saltzman said...

well i havent ever had a baby. but u know what they say... the best way to get that baby out is to.... well... #5 can help u with it ;) good thoughts your way!!

Shane and Clara said...

Walk, walk, walk! I hope the baby comes soon for you. I understand the feeling "i am so ready to have this baby out!". he will come, I promise. Although it probably feels like he's gonna stay in there forever!

Good luck, you can do it! :)

AN Petersen said...

First, I agree with you about that shirt, best thing ever. I bought like 5 of them when I was pregnant.
And i wish i had some advice to get that baby here. I tried everything in the book for mine, even jumped on a trampoline ( doesnt hurt like you think it would, just feels weird) Nothing worked. My first baby was 10 days late, I thought i was gonna kill him before he got here. All I can say is hang in there, even though i know that nothing anyone says will make you feel better. Eat chocolate and do things you wont be able to do when he gets here.

Scott and Jamie said...

If you're not up for getting induced, or having membranes stripped to start the process, then my doctor has given me some tips, but none helped:
-swing on swings at the playground
- rub ankles
- make love (of course, you're not gonna feel like it)

Hope you have this boy soon so you don't have to be miserable too much longer!

Jessie and Austin said...

SATIN SHEETS...omg why didn't i know that when i was pregnant. would have revolutionized my summer.
(also, can't WAIT to read blog about maxson!!! congratulations!!!)