Saturday, January 15, 2011

the most beautiful quilt ever

so let me tell you abut my SIL.
she's incredibly talented, creative, beautiful, and fun.
if you even had slight inklings that i was a little creative or that i do lots of things with the little amount of time in my life (you shouldn't),
but IF you ever slightly ran across that thought,
this girl puts me to shame.
this christmas, she reminded me of that with this beautiful baby:
 the most beautiful, warmest, cutest quilt ever.
i love it.
it never gets folded up bc we're always using it,
it's just wonderful :)

you should go check it her new site, it has just launched so there's not much on it yet but i promise if you look at it often she'll post more of the adorable things she makes bc let me tell you, everything she makes is ADORABLE.
and currently she's doing an auction of a cute fox she embroidered and the money will go to help the tragic devastation in queensland, australia

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Mrs. Darling said...

Thanks, Kimber!! I am glad you like the quilt!!!