Sunday, November 11, 2012

long time no see

gosh, a whole week since blogging.
there's one for the record books.

what has been going on lately?

in words:

1. i've turned into what seems a widow.
terrible anatomy tests/finals=endlessly lonely wife.
i will be much happier when thanksgiving hits.

2. numb finger tips all the time.

3. getting all my last projects done around the house.

4. weekly doctor appointments.

5. cold days, oddly hot days, crazy windy days, crazy cold days.
we've had it all this week (except rain and snow).

6. very swollen feet all the time.
why wear shoes when you don't fit them?

in pictures (not just from last week):

maybe you'll see me blogging more the rest of the week...maybe you won't.
we'll all just have to wait and see!

(and yes that is an eye open in the 2nd sonogram picture you see.
we saw him  blinking during our appointment last week, way cool...)


Natalie said...

That opened eye picture is so cool!

Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Love the pic with you belly and bowling ball!

Suzanne and Nate said...

So cool that you saw your cute babe with his eye open!!! I've never seen that!

Anonymous said...

thats the best salsa look so cute pregnant. xoxo

Cody and Camille said...

Awesome sonogram pics! So who's taking the picture of Casey in the mens' bathroom?:) Can't believe how soon baby boy will be here!!! YAY!

Jessie and Austin said...

baby boy looks like you : )

Ashley D said...

Cute turkey pumpkin!

his little lady said...

All of these pictures are just perfect! And look at that little sonogram! What a little cutie!
xo TJ