Saturday, November 3, 2012

a few things

1. we watched the movie Up! last night, talk about a bawling hot mess for the good first 15 minutes of the movie...geez...don't watch that when you're 9 months pregnant. other than that, such a good movie...

2. went to costco today. love place.

3. remember my very talented SIL who made me this beautiful quilt, has this awesome blog, and runs this wonderful etsy store? well if you have a minute would you go vote for her quilt on this site for me? scroll down til you see entry number 457 for amanda and click the star. the more the merrier :)

1 comment:

Jessie and Austin said...

...the only thing I could watch at 9 months was Biggest Loser. And sometimes I still cried.
HAVE YOUR BABY> I want to see him. And I want you to be more comfortable : )