Monday, November 19, 2012

still kickin'

we are currently tip toeing around the end of this pregnancy!
i stepped up to the 38 week box and am so ready to have this baby in my arms already.
heavenly father was so wise when he made women pregnant for 9 months because once you hit that point, you are done and would so rather have the baby out than in.
9 months is the perfect amount of time when you can finally say out loud i'm ready for the baby to be here and you have no fear.
i'm still so very grateful that i do have this little babe inside me though.
it's kinda bizarre to think there's a full grown baby in my stomach just forced to stay in there, ha.

when i roll (literally, i have to roll out) of my bed in the mornings there's a long mirror right in front of me.
and every morning i look at myself and think "woah, my belly is so big! when did that happen!?"

38 weeks 2 days

this baby is more than welcome to come anytime after tuesday afternoon (actually we'd prefer him to come on friday for various reasons:).
tuesday afternoon is when casey finishes his anatomy final for the semester and can finally be depended upon to come back to me whenever birthing this baby begins!

beyond pregnancy, nothing really is going on, ha.
i've finished up pretty much all the projects i've been wanting to do.
i've done a bunch of freezer cooking to prepare for the months ahead.

i do wish there were more fun things and pictures to share at this time...but there's not.
soon there will be a plethora though!
and i can't wait for it!!!!!!


Brooke said...

Kimber you look freakin amazing! Christian and I are so excited for you guys! Can't wait to see pictures of little baby Cutler.... Hopefully sooner than later :) love you!

AN Petersen said...

AH! You are so freakin adorable!! : ) Here is to hoping your baby is an on time baby. I cant wait to see his cute little face!

Jacie Saltzman said...

i cant wait!! you will rock it!! so excited for u guys!

Melissa said...

Roll out of bed, roll off the couch. I know the drill :)

Quin and Lyndsey said...

AWW SO ADORABLE! WE are so excited for you guys!!! I love how you still have your red lipstick on lol!!!! AND I LOVE HOW long your hair has gotten!!! KEep rollin baby.... can't wait to see your cute baby!

Cherri said...

More beautiful as each week goes by. Go for December ! Cheering you on....

Shane and Clara said...

you are so adorable Kimber! Way to hang in there. Wishing you the best in these final (days) of being pregnant.
Happy Thanksgiving to you two!

Brittany said...

good luck! Cant wait to hear about his arrival and see some baby pics:)

Andy Ballstaedt said...

I'm calling it. It will happen on thanksgiving. SO excited to hear about your birth experience!! Good luck! love you girl!