Friday, November 2, 2012

a baby shower!

my very sweet friend, katie, and next door neighbor was so kind and thoughtful enough to throw me a baby shower before baby boy came.
she herself is just 4 weeks behind me with her 2nd baby girl!
it's been so fun being pregnant together and experiencing all the same stuff.
so many very sweet girls came to the shower and it was so fun.
i'd only been in lincoln a little over 2 months but i truly felt like these were all my real friends who came,
and let me tell you, they are such a fun group of gals.
it was so fun to sit and chat with them all about babies and pregnancy and life.
i just love when we all get together.
a bunch of of the girls helped katie with the food: popcorn because i in fact was ready to pop :)
we had 5 different very yummy kinds that i kept eating and eating and eating.
it's like i was pregnant or something...
there were also three different kinds of the most delicious cake pops.
and little babies on everyone's laps.
and to top it all off, she did the most darling job with the balloon decorations everywhere.
i loved it!

 photo IMG_1725_zpse95806a4.jpg
 photo IMG_9420_zps38e76b82.jpg
 photo IMG_9416_zpsfed1a12b.jpg
 photo IMG_9417_zpse834779c.jpg

thank you katie for the wonderful shower!
and susan for the pictures!
and everyone else for helping and coming!

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