Friday, April 6, 2012

14 things that have been occupying my time lately.

i've truly had a most wonderful week.
i don't have energy left, but it's been wonderful.
here's the rundown.

  1. conference, wasn't it wonderful. we sure loved it our our house. got to have lunch with casey's extenended family as usual between sunday sessions. such a great group. they were planning the family reunion and i was so sad hearing all the fun details since we can't be there for it this summer. i'm determined to go next time it's going on.
  2. the weather has been most fabulous. i'm dying every time i go out. i want to fling my arms out, and start yelling, i love this weather! i love the sun! i love spring! how do i stand you, winter, every year?!?!
  3. the tulips are blooming, the cherry and pear trees are have blossomed and i can't get enough of it. how is it that fall and spring are the most beautiful seasons and last the least amount of time? but truly, i love all these pretty flowers everywhere.
  4. i went to school at 8 am on tuesdsay and returned to my home 2:15 the following day. it was a constant go go go.
  5. amanda and weston had their baby! so happy for them! we squeezed in an hour trip to the hospital on tuesday and got to hold him at just hours old. so precious! mr britton douglas woodruff.  so thrilled for all of them.
  6. baked a bajillion cupcakes this week.
  7. helped put on a baby shower for two girls in the ward this week. so fun being with all the ward girls. one of them actually had her baby the previous saturday, so she couldn't make it but we got to go visit that cute small girl!
  8. also got have a birdal shower for one of my dear, dear friends, miss brooke, at my little glorified attic this week. so fun. i love that girl so much and am so happy for her. it's just a blast to get together with other girls in general, if you know them well or not, girls are just fun.
  9. got our graduation announcements ready(!!!!!!!!!!!).
  10. so done with school by the way. not that i'm counting down or anything, but i only have 3 days of classes left(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
  11. finished my fourth, and final, project for sewing class. i'll share my projects soon!
  12. took some photos of friends this week for graduation portfolios and maternity pictures.
  13. felt like i re-cleaned my house about a bajiliion times this week
  14. have been playing draw something so much on my phone and love it. do you play? you should play against me :) i laugh lots.
pictures to come another day when i have caught up on my sleep :)


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Jessie said...

You're hilarious Kimber! I miss the "glorified attic"!