Thursday, April 12, 2012

Casey Post #15 Finals Week/ Graduation

Heighty Hoe Winslows!!! Classes are done! Finals begin Saturday at 7 am where I will try to figure some way to learn what Epidemiology really is. I will have to find time to take 5 finals in 4 days, and it is really difficult with having scheduled finals because I cant just knock out the easy ones first, but we will make do, I don't know where I am going to find all the time to study, but it will meander in there somehow. Pray that I pass my O-chem lab final though because that is going to be a beast! Lots of memorizing and learning how to rank Hydrogens ya who wants to really know about that crap. Just let us go to Dental school already hah! In other news we found out yesterday that somehow we got into the family housing in Nebraska so we will be paying cheaper rent than we paid here in Provo. We are kinda excited about that minus the fact that the Kitchen is kinda small, no pets, etc... Life will be good around next Thursday time than we can celebrate some fun with family and Graduation! Love you all and Peace out until then!

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