Thursday, April 5, 2012

Casey Post #14: Almost done and Easter!

So I don't remember that last time I posted twice in a row, but I am totally almost done with my weekly posts since school is almost over and I will not be required to post every week; however, it has been such a great experience. So I am supposed to write something about how I helped someone that was more stressed than me this week, and I can say Kimber was definitely more stressed. She threw a baby shower, bridal shower, a friend get together, went to Logan to help me do taxes, and saw family for easter. What a busy, stressed girl, so I decided I would do a ton of dishes to help her, and basically clean the whole house since I had some spare time. I actually liked cleaning it for some reason, probably because she was super happy when she came home.

 I can't wait to be out of my Undergrad! I can't really say school because I'm gonna be there for 4 more years so it really doesn't make sense, but grad school will be so much more applicable and enjoyable I think. So I am excited Kimber and I will go to the annual Easter on the Hill with my side of the family except we haven't gone on the hill for a long time so we are actually going up this year and I am excited. We will do our taxes than go up to the hill on Saturday and than come back for some Best of DIVINE COMEDY! This show is so funny! It is like the best BYU/Mormon humor that kinda makes fun of ourselves. Also, today I totally rocked in my presentation for the same class I do this blog for and now we really only have one more project and a final. SO HAPPY! School is almost out and the Sun is definitely here. Peace

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