Tuesday, November 16, 2010

our saturday

saturday was quite the eventful day for us
we woke up at 7 (on a saturday!? i know, terrible) to start getting ready for dancesport!
by 7:30 casey we were at the ballroom in the wilke and casey was practicing all his moves for his big debut!
he is in the beginning level social dance class here at BYU (and loves it:)
the 180 classes always compete cha cha, and casey did so good!
the 1st round had 12 heats of probably 20 or so couples in each heat, which, yes, was still long but so fun
the 1st time they stood right in front of me and danced but i just watched, i should have taken pics though bc in the next 2 rounds they were way far from me (casey said it was better floor space).
him and his partner were just having fun, which was even more fun to watch
after the 3rd round we raced to his intramural flag football game which means he missed the 4th round they had been called back to :(
casey was a little bummed out he couldn't keep dancing, but football takes priority, ha
luckily they also won their football game!
casey actually had a really good game with some key interceptions, catches, and flag pulling.
twas freezing but still fun to watch
(blogger is not letting me upload these pictures for some reason, mmeh)
after the football game, i drove 20 min to Lehi to work on a slave labot project for a class-
literally slave labor.
an hour later i drove back to dancesport to compete myslef in pre champ smooth, twas fun to dance.
after i competed we watched the colorado get dominated by byu in the football game.
then i drove back to lehi to keep working on that project.
at 5:30 it started getting too dark to work, so with half our project finished we left.

once home, it was only 6:30, but casey and i could have sworn it was 10:30.
so we stayed in, watched a movie, and just hung out together.

woo, what a busy saturday! glad that is over!


Barry and Karissa Brown said...

Just so you know I always look at your blog. I love it.

Scottie and Megany said...

yay for dancing! and football