Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i jinxed my family

for christmas, birthdays and any other kind of holiday to celebrate, casey's parents were sweet enough to take us all on a cruise for christmas this year! we've all been way excited for awhile now for it
it was the one where you leave from san diego and go down to mexico (the mexican riviera i think?)
we were going to leave on Dec the19th, and get back on the 26th, 
it was going to be a blast!

then, like 5 days ago, i sent the family members this video.
it's of a cruise liner that went on that same kind of cruise we were planning,
but they had a fire in the engine room and were stuck out there for days with no electricity, lots of food rations, no running water, and a lot of other no fun stuff!

well, turns out that ship was going to be OUR SHIP!!!
guess what that means!?
cruise cancelled!!! :( 
wo is me, wo is me!
tragic/ironic huh?

so now, the family is facing a huge dilemma (no, not that big but you know how it is...)
the cruise line is of course being very nice and trying to be accommodating to passengers in exchanging cruise line tickets, and kinda helping w airfare etc.
so naturally, we're all freaking out a lot and trying to find another cruise to go on.
carribbean sound good?
don't mind if i do!

but wait.
originally, casey and i were going to drive to san diego making our trip only the cost of gas and excursions.
what does a carribean cruise mean?
 way cool? yes.
same price for us? yeah right.
now we have to deal with AIRFARE!
airfare = an arm and a leg.
 airfare = a good portion of tuition
airfare = rent for 2 1/2 months
airfare = a bajillion cute shoes i could have bought

we just keep telling ourselves "the memories, the memories, we'll make so many good memories"
today my mom told me "you can't expect memories like that with saving all your money"
breathe kimber, breathe :)

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Cody and Camille said...

We did the math tonight. I don't know if I want to disclose on a public blog how much more money it's going to cost with fees, taxes, etc. Waaaayyyy more than I anticipated. Way more. It's disheartening, but oh the memories. The memories!!! I am determined to make memories beyond all memories!

p.s. I wish this wasn't such a crazy week for you because I almost feel like I NEED a video chat:) Pencil us in for next week please:)