Saturday, November 27, 2010

the woodruff thanksgiving day(s) in words

We actually celebrated Thanksgiving Day on Wednesday this year because of some scheduling issues with my dad's work. But it actually ending up working out perfectly that way! My parents, brother, SIL, and nieces came up in the wee morning hours of the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Everyone "slept" at my house for all 3 more hours of sleep we could catch and that was fun waking up to the cute little girls all smiley. Mon and Tue consisted of Casey and I going to school, studying, testing, and squeezing in what hours of fun with the family we could.

Other days also involved some incredibly yummy food prepared by Amanda (too many honorable mentions to start mentioning), lots of warm fires, cute happy little girls, "family bonding/games", a few movies, putting toys away constantly, playing in the snow with Annalee, the anticipation of the newest little baby arriving, a few naps, a lots of pictures, a very anti-climatic snow storm that prevented kirky from joining when it shouldn't have, black friday shopping, a hospital visit to the new baby (more on that later).

Overall, it was just a great, relaxing week. So nice to have family around. So nice to not focus on school.
So nice to remember that there are so many things to be thankful for in life


AN Petersen said...

I love your thanksgiving story and pictures. your nieces are beyond adorable. oh and i love that you still call kirky kirky because i do too.

Amy said...

I love the place card too!!! Granny always got creative with those each year and I miss that creative personal touch!!! Great tradition! Keep it up!!