Sunday, November 7, 2010

arizona treasures

have you seen the blog
i just found this blog and i love it! makes be want to live there again so bad!
(i wish there was some really good provo blog like this!)

also, if anyone knows the kuzdas family from mesa and/or their duaghter Heather Sutton,
she could really use a lot of people's love and support right now.
she was just diagnosed with a severe bone marrow disease (MDS).
i was so sad to see that this cute young mom whom i've always admired is now facing this.
read her story and learn how to help here

i just found these pics from our last visit to mesa
they made me so happy :)
we love bahamabucks (we also love that annalee [my niece] is content with just having her own little taste tester)

also remember kirky, mi hermano?

 well a year ago last sunday (oct 31) he got home from his mission!
that weekend was so much fun! :)
 the 6 of us all flew to AZ together for that quick little trip, so fun :)
in that short year we have officially added 4 more to the family:
casey, abby, phoebe, and tristan at the end of theis month :)
and a short year later he has turned into this:
cute, huh?


Scottie and Megany said...

so many things can change in just one year!

Cherri said...

I think Kirk looks great..... especially standing next to Gretchen!