Monday, November 15, 2010

my november the fifteenth list

i want to put my Christmas decorations up.
i don't care what people say, i want to.
my momma has made it possible for me to have some really really cute ones and i want to enjoy them for more than 2 weeks!...i think i'm going to do it this week :)

i want sunday to come faster.
sunday will mean casey and i will have been done with this week (which includes i think 8 important quizzes/tests between the 2 of us, lots of work, lots of football games, rs activities, family birthday celebrating, landscape projects, etc)
but more importantly sunday means my mummy and daddy, brother, SIL, niece, niece, and brother will get here for thanksgiving! i'm so so so so so so so so so excited. i'm starting to get really ancy (ps- i usually get really annoyed and have never been into counting down the days til blank sort of thing, but i think that's what i'm kinda doing in my head this week :)

i want all my nieces and nephews to live closer.
it's getting ridiculous how cute they're all getting and how much i'm missing out on :(
i guess i'm lucky to have a niece (and soon a new nephew) who do live close.

i want to not have to to take economics.
enough said.

i want to get 8 hours of sleep every night.
no more, no less.
it always happens that i get between 5-6 hours one night,
and then next day i don't have to wake up early so i get between's not working out well.

i want to listen to christmas music.
oh wait.
i am :)
thanks pandora.

i want to be done with dance this semester.
now that dancesport is over, i feel no need to attend my dance classes

i want to watch lots of disney movies with my niece right now
it would be so relaxing and fun

i want it to snow.
i know, i'm weird.
but i really do, it's so magical to wake up to fresh snow outside our window, i just love it.
i just don't want it to turn into ice

soon i'll post about our weekend! it was such a busy saturday!


emmylou. said...

its okay. we have all our christmas decorations up at the salon i work at. you can totally put yours up!! and blast that christmas music! It is the BEST!

Shane and Clara said...

I think you should put up your Christmas Decor! you must make it worth enjoying!!!
Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with all your FAMilY!!! That is so cool that you guys can all be together.

ps. thanks for the sweet comment you left me. I love it when you comment. Comments make me happy, don't they for you??!!