Tuesday, November 30, 2010


today i slipped on the ice straight onto my bum.
by myself.
it would have been funny if i was with someone,
but it was just pure stupid bc i was by myself.
i then went into our apartment with a pouty face blaming casey bc he wasn't there

today i forgot my keys to our apt AGAIN.
not exaggerating, casey and i have locked ourselves out about ten times this semester.
luckily our landlord is awesome and nice and lives 2 doors down and always comes and unlocks it
he also gave the old neighbors next door spares to the apt too. we know them too now :)
but since it has happened so much lately, i was too embarrassed to ask him for help... again.
so i went across the street to a friend's house and waited there for an hour til casey got home.
thank you amy brown for living so close and being home.

today i broke a nail.
as dumb as it sounds, i hate when that happens

today i realized that it makes me oober happy when i hear a friend of mine is
a) dating someone
b) engaged
c) pregnant
so keep 'em coming folks

today i saw that all the BYU christmas lights were up.
 it made me so happy.
today i decided BYU is the absolute best school ever (actually i decided that a long time ago;).
why? bc we're one of the only schools in the country who gets to put christmas everywhere around campus, say merry christmas to everyone, and bask in the christmasness of the season and not having to worry about offending people bc...we all have faith in Christ.
i just love it.

today i also decided BYU gets the best christmas trees award.
since they have millions around campus,
all can have awesome themes and unique touches.
it's absolutely magical everywhere you go.

today i came to school when it was dark (6:30 am) 
and will be leaving school when it is dark (12:30 am)
oh how we love work.
no, really.
true i did go home for an hour in the day.

today while at work, 
a girl was trying to turn in a bunch of books at around 8:00 pm.
the cart was full and i told her, with a straight face, we weren't accepting anymore books today.
hehe, i know. i'm mean :)
the look on her face was hilarious: pure worry.
i immediately told her it was in fact ok to drop off her books though.
it was quite the funny moment.

today, my mom did some of my landscape assignments for me:
she took pictures of bad landscape designs that cause problems with turf.
her pictures were spot on correct which equaled hilarious as well.
thanks mom.

today i saw one of my most favorite girls in the library and talked to her for a bit.
it made my day.

today i also planned a little get together with another friend for late december in az...
the excitement will only build from here :)

last but not least,
today casey and i did not have the will to do any of our assignments.
we did get them done
(kimber= 1 paper, 2 small turf projects, and 1 accounting quiz...not that i'm counting though...)
but not without a good amount of kicking, screaming, and biting.


Nik and Dawna said...

WHAT a day!!!!!
And I will forever say Merry Christmas. I am not talking about the holidayS....I am talking about ONE holiday. And if a person CHOOSes to get offended by it...that is there choice but DEFINITELY NOT my intention.
(good post!)

Shane and Clara said...

Awhh....I love BYU too.....I wish I could enjoy all the Christmas lights and spirit that is in abundance on that campus!!!

Man, I feel your pain about slipping and falling down right on your bum....I did that many a times too when I was at BYU. Ya wanna laugh but cry at the same time too! I'm sure it was a very graceful sight to see. :)