Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grab That Flag KIMBER!! GRAB IT!

Kimber is in the middle trying to look at me these pictures do not do justice of how hard she plays!
She is looking at me again she is on the line ready to rush!!!
She cannot hide from me she looks angry GRR!!!
She needed a break so I got a close-up of our star Flag Football Player!!
So I don't know if I told anybody, but Kimber plays Intramural Flag-Football with some girls in the ward and it was the first game I got to go to so I took some pictures!! She is known for her lighting-fast speed and blocking abilities. She plays linewoman on both ends of the field (offense & defense) So it was so much fun watching her bump into people trying to get the quarterback she really takes it seriously!! On defense she gets to the quarterback quickly, but I personally think she doesn't want to her her fingernails haha. It was a freezing night and I was glad that their team won!!! They even had scouts there trying to scout out their team for the next game. I was like really man come on it is women's intramural flag-football. Some people take this so seriously. Like my wifey Kimber!!!!! The games I was not able to come and watch she would tell me all about it and how she grabbed this girl's flag. It is great!!! But the greatest moment I think is when she made this awesome one handed grab and took the ball for a touchdown. I think she should go out for more passes, but she likes to just rush and play where she is comfortable. Anyways Kimber deserves some praise and credit and so I am giving it to her because My wife is playing intramural football!!!! I never thought she would, but she has definately proven me wrong. Now she gets to dance it up all weekend at Dancesport Woot Woot! But this is a football post so we will stick to that. Anyways if this smile doesn't get you out to watch Kimber than maybe witnessing girls trying to grab a flag off another girl will and I think every game there is always a de-pantsing haha. Well I love Kimber she rocks!!!  Tear them up babe you gotta win the Championship!!


Cody and Camille said...

Probably one of the coolest things ever. I love how well balanced you are Kimber! Football, dance, landscaping, cooking, couponing, kimberobics... yeah, you pretty much do it all!:)

Scottie and Megany said...

yay gooo kimber!! you are awesome