Wednesday, November 24, 2010

last week

like i mentioned earlier, we had so many things going on last week i didn't have a spare moment to blog!
the list goes as follows: 
4 test/quizzes for casey in organic chemistry (which=hard) and physiology (which=hard), he did fabulous.
5 test/quizzes for kimber in random classes
we tried going to fatcats for our free bowling bc the cougars scored over 30 points at their game 2 weeks,
they're dumb and didn't let us bowl bc it was past 9. boo

another night we went to texas road house bc it just opened here in orem!
pretty much we went so we just go eat all their rolls!
i'm pretty sure we got...8 batches...yummy!
and what we did order, we took home in left over boxes.
ps- texas roadhouse=fun suckers bc they don't let you take pictures inside except if the server is taking it of you. boo
but the cherry limeade and rolls made it worth it

then we went to the opening of HARRY POTTER!
we were beyond excited
we went with the best group possible of harry potter fans.
we're so happy nicole and brookie let us come along
activities included playing harry potter trivia and casting spells at other muggles.
the movie was wonderful too.
it stayed true to the book and did not disappoint a bit.
we loved it!

casey and i also had football games this week which we both lost :(
but, it was still fun to play!

i also had a relief society sleepover that i got to go to with the women in my ward,
seriously, such a blast.
best activity yet!
we stayed up way later than needed, played fun games, had lots of great converstations,
only had the fire alarm go off for 15-20 min, and just had the best time ever.
a cute girl in our ward, rachel, had a family cabin in midway we got to go to, no pic.
it was great to be able to just talk to all the women and not just for 2 hours and then have to go home.

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