Wednesday, June 2, 2010

we've decided

we're going to have fun here in cali.
we're going to make memories.
we're going to plan for the weekend so we don't waste our time.
so, this is weekend 4 of fun in cali:
weekend 1 and 2 were movie theater w the office and weekend 3was bowling

 Bodies Revealed in Sacramento
neither of us have gotten to go to this exhibit so it was very "fascinating and real" to us;)
no but really it was, we loved it
heavenly father is just amazing,
how he could make something that functions so perfectly,
the intricate detail on our body,
how it constantly works after years and years,
the body ceases to amaze me and i'm so happy i get to have one

we also did a little golfing recently.
mini golfing that is.
we decided since casey always wins chess, i should always win mini golfing.
the tradition started that night :) 
 the above hole may or may not have taken casey 12 strokes...blasted little volcano things
 above are our annalee faces :)

so yes, those were our adventures of recent.

casey is still doing great.
still getting sunburnt,
still being funny 

i am still on the computer for endless hours in the day.
still reading,
still blog stalking, 

and we are still very much in love!
hope you all had a better memorial day than us! we worked, boo
but i am still grateful for our country and all those men and women who have served for our country
so glad to be a citizen of the U. S. of A. :)


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Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

you guys are too cute!

Brooke said...

First, you two are the most adorable people ever. Second, I am happy your guys are having fun. And third, I am so glad you blog as much as I do haha. Love you to bits!