Tuesday, June 29, 2010

too much fun

oh goodness, i wish i were still on vacation!

even though our time in WY was short it was SO  fun!
you can only imagine all the pictures that were taken with 4 wives obsessing over pictures!
i'll try to narrow it down to just my favorites but i do have SO many favorites!
here's the first little bit!

bubbles :)
cute little babies were everywhere! well 3 to be exact
above is Treyson (2 1/2)
below is Jaden (9 months)
below is Porter (7 1/2 months)
they were all so cute and so fun to be around!!!!
a good ol' game of catchphrase in the front yard
CROQUET!!! i love and hate this game so much
casaey and i were the last 2 remaining "poisons"...and i won :)
casey turned into a real WY man again and didn't shave for half our time there ha
miss karlee jo and myself
grandpa and jaden

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Cody and Camille said...

Oh my cuteness! I'm so glad you two made the trip!!! I so wish you could have stayed longer! Miss you tons!