Sunday, June 20, 2010

savor the moment

this summer casey and i have been continually pausing and thinking,
"you know, we should appreciate this, this is going to be our only time together like this"
1. immediately being able to leave after church. very little waiting is involved, and the two of us walk to the car happily holding hands and buckle ourselves in. no chasing or running around the church building is involved:)
2. being able to pack 1 suitcase for our trip, last weekend when we went to Tahoe, we had 1 little duffel bag with everything we needed, it was great
3. being able to stay up way too late together watching movies
4. sleeping in together. i can probably say that sleeping in together is one of my all time favorite things. second to that is the time between actually waking up and getting up, when we just lay lazily in the bed laughing and talking and cuddling.

we do enjoy the company of each other quite a lot :)

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Cherri said...

As the years go by it only gets better! Eternally :)