Friday, June 25, 2010

weekend 7

sing the following:

"if you're going to SAN FRANCISCO!!!"

yes, we took a little trip to "happy" san francisco :)

we loved it.
we loved the company (each other).
 we loved the sights.
we loved the weather.
we loved the food.
we loved our little trip
we did not love the lines, traffic, or money spent, but the before mentioned aspects over-ruled the latter

getting our tickets for the BART
it's like a little san fran subway system
so excited to be on our way!!!
riding the imfamous red streetcar trolleys!
we waited FOREVER for this ride!
i just love the streets! steep hills with cute colored houses, same architecture, different details, so cute!
looking at the golden gate bridge from municipal pier
 captain sammy and his prate friend
fresh sea food everywhere!
 we were able to take a super fun segway tour of san fran!
figuring this would probably be our only time to get to ride/play on these and we got a tour of the area
two birds with 1 stone
these things were so much fun!
absolutely amazing how they work!
our feet and legs were a little tired by the end from just standing in one place for so long
cool alcatraz in the background with our awesome segways beside us
who knew this awesome place was in SF!?
yeah, this random roman architecture place showed up on our tour and we were amazed by it!
felt like rome again!
we had yummy clam chowder breadbowls for dinner,
i spilt mine all over the front of me, it was pretty ridiculous
to end our fun day together we went and saw WICKED!
we just loved it!!!
so there it is, weekend 7 was spent in san francisco!


Shane and Clara said...

you guys are just too fun! Way to make your weekends special and to visit new places! Looks like so much fun.

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure ig to bread bowl soup from the same place hwne i was there last summer and have almost the same pic of the seals

Cherri said...

So fun! Ya know we havn't ever spent a weekend in SF. Maybe some day... so glad you splurged! You only are in some places once in your life time! Seize the Day! :)

Brandy Langford said...

Kimber!! Oh my gosh I just went to San Francisco like two weeks ago ha and I ran into Sarah Edwards too... funny huh? San Fran is the place to be this summer. I have so many of the same pictures at the same spots! It looks like you and Casey had such an amazing time! I am so happy I get to actually comment on your blog now :) yay! I miss you lots. Hope everything is going great!!