Thursday, June 17, 2010

weekend 6

wow are we past weekend 6 already!?
by golly, it's going fast!

casey and i both agree last week has been the best thus far!
the family we've become friends with up here (the hunts) invited us to come up and stay at their cabin by lake tahoe with them for the weekend! 
and we were just ecstatic to join them!
it was only a 24 hour jaunt on our part, but it was a much needed 24 hours.
it felt like we were on a true vacation and break from work, we loved it!
we played lots of different games, watched soccer, ate food, went on beautiful walks in heavenly weather, ate yummy food, looked for little squirrels and mice outside, played pool, and so many more little fun activities!

above is kamri and casey smelling the trees :) they seriously all had different smells/flavors!

annalee faces :)
addy (their2 year old) wanted to join our picture :)
i love how little ones love this position
 we went to visit tahoe lake! SO BEAUTIFUL! it was this huge lake that was surrounded by evergreen trees on all side and snow-capped mountanns! we loved it! and the water was shimmering like the little mermaid's dress at the end of the movie, (i like that part). it would be so fun to go back again!
casey buried kamri :)
but the dry sand wouldn't cover her toes haha

there are more to the famliy than just what is seen! hopefully i can steal some pics from andrea (the mom) so you can see more!

thanks again hunts for having us! we had a blast!

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