Saturday, June 19, 2010

i heart technology and my family

i do!
i just love it!

the other day i chatted with my mom for an hour on the phone (which isn't rare) but we really had no purpose for talking, we were just talking like always, i loved it! and i love her!

the other day i video chatted with with my BIL and SIL on casey's side for another hour or so, again really no purpose talking, we were just talking! it was so fun!

somedays i get really cute pictures of nieces texted to me. they're my favorite texts of my day!!!!!

yesterday was annalee's (my neice) 2nd birthday! and i got to watch her open all her presents over the video chat/cam! i felt like i was there and got to watch all her cute expessions and she'd come up to the computer and show me her gifts and talk to me! so cute and i absolutely loved it!

i love the fact that when i'm away from family we don't have to feel like we're that far apart all thanks to the WWW and gmail chat and phones (maybe pictures too but that's a different story)

when i start really thinking about it i just get so happy at the thought of being with my family forever!
they're the ones i want to be with and now play with all the time!
i've made some fabulous  and amazing  friends throughout the years that i absolutely adore, but when it comes down to it, sometimes you're not alyways going to be able to keep in touch or spend time with eachother as much as you'd like. with family, family is first and you're never not going to see them or know what's happening in their lives, i just love it!

i love my family.

and our families are for eternity."
M. Russell Ballard, Nov. 2005


Blair said...

SO glad you could enjoy the birthday party with us. Too bad we couldn't send you some cupcakes through the computer. It was so fun having you at the party long distance. Love ya girl.

Cherri said...

Luv you!