Saturday, May 29, 2010

sacramento temple

we had the chance to attend the temple today!
it was such a wonderful experience, and i love getting to go to a new temple!
loved being in there with my sweetie and seeing his smile.
it's one of the few places to relax and just ponder, without any distractions, together.
and yet again, quite a small temple, but we loved it!

the temple is on about 48 acres i think, and has beautiful landscaping,
i'm just loving all the landscaping here in CA, loving it!

casey is doing great just chugging along, i'm doing better at keeping myself occupied and not getting so bored, and also learning how to make my job more efficient.
(as of right now i'm reading the help and loving it, and am currently on a lot of waiting lists for the books a lot of you recommended!)

if you have time i highly encourage to look at this blog! it is one my most favorite friends, nicole, and her adventures in africa! (one of the friends i mentioned before) she's over in uganda for 9 weeks volunteering (with a friend,it's of course apart of an actual volunteering organization too)! what an amazing opportunity huh?! she is an amazing girl, and i think her blog is going to be quite a fun read, so do visit!


Nicole said...

you should come visit! We are just 3 hours away :)

Cherri said...

you need to post Gila Valley!

Cody and Camille said...

Oooo is that the cute dress/skirt we were talking about?!? Love it!