Tuesday, June 8, 2010

old folsom

weekend 5

crazy that we have officially been out here over a month!
i hope the time continues to fly this summer!
we were kinda a little too last minute on this weekend,
so we just hung around the area.

saturday night we went out to dinner with some of the others in the office,
no pics, but still fun to get out and do something

sunday we slept in like always and made breakfast together.
we've decided there are much too many types of pancakes, seriously! start thinking of all the different types of "pancake" recipes you use, you'd be amazed.
we played games together and i lost all of them i played happily,
went to church,
when we got back we had dinner, love those crock-pots!
then we went and walked around this old, downtown, cowboyish, area in this one town, folsom. we took pictures, had fun and just talked and laughed together. casey was sweet to even offer for us to go out and walk around seeing that all he does is walk around in the heat and sun all day!

later that night we went over and played with our summer family i've talked about,
they're are such a fun bunch! we feel so lucky to know them!

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