Thursday, January 7, 2016

Maxson turns THREE!

A little Mr Maxson had a birthday while we were in Wyoming! He woke up giddy to the traditional birthday decorations, faces and all. 
He and Casey got in the hot tub for his birthday which he was so totally excited about.
He loves getting in the "hawt tub!"
Max and I made the birthday cakes early in the morning when he awoke and then Aunt Tayli decorated them for us in the afternoon. Max was super stoked over the decorated cupcakes.
So excited to finally get to blow out his candles in the evening!
He counted the cupcakes and candles lots and lots.
We sang happy birthday to him about 7-8 times and he just kept blowing out the candles over and over, ha. We kept singing fast and faster, he just loved. it!

He went on a money hunt in the evening which he totally ate up. He sure does love money oddly enough already. Not clue why!

Love this crazy little boy of ours with all our hearts, he's truly the best.

**Update on potty training!**

Day 1 was miserable. 1 go in the potty and 4+ accidents
Day 2 was awesome. 8 successful potty trips and zero accidents! (I put a pull up on him when he and I went outside to play in the snow, it was wet when we came in but whatever).
Day 3 was awesome. No accidents,  6 successful potty trips.

I'm not sure what to do when we go out of the house (play outside go somewhere) just today while playing with friends at the church building I asked him a million times to go potty and then he finally peed his pants WHILE he was out of the gym get a drink at the drinking fountain RIGHT NEXT TO the bathroom for pete's sake! I don't want to rely on pull ups over the next few months, I just want him to do it! Any suggestions?

I was honestly about to give up after Day 1. He was AWFUL. Day 2 game changer was I finally convinced him to wear a longer shirt and no underwear and he went by himself every time. He would absolutely not go when I asked him to even when he drank tons of juice, ha. He likes to dictate his own actions I see. I love looking at how proud his face is when I'm cheering him on after going potty. He's trying to hold back the smiles but can't. SOOOO I hope this sticks and we do it this time around!!!!!

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