Friday, January 29, 2016

a gooooooooooooood Sunday

We've been having stellar Sundays. Seriously, 9 am is my jam and my life has been changed a million fold for the better. 

We woke up to cute happy babies.
 When you ask "Where's your tongue, they stick it out a wiggle for ya!"
 And then there's our cute Quinny, heart throb right there.
 Max loves these popsicle puzzles I made him. It's a good morning activity he does sitting on the table with the chairs all on their backs so the babies can't ruin his puzzles, ha, it keeps the peace.
 New PJ's, more snot, no surprise, but I have been using essential oils a lot more lately and I swear it's getting them better quicker! Definite win!
 So sad.
 And then Sunday night we made some delicious cookies! It's been awhile since I made the good old trusty tollhouse ones, not sure why I always try new things bc these are freaking delicious. (Use the yellow crisco, and up the flour up to about 2 1/2 cups instead of 2 1/4!) Max thoroughly enjoyed our cookie making. He's always tigger/lick happy amidst cookie making.

 The babies quickly turned to crying when I couldn't pick them up.

 Cookie dough stealing.

 Do you see how little our kitchen is? You are literally looking at the whole kitchen right now, I'm backed against the wall a ton. How I crave a bigger kitchen!
 And then it's off to bed!

Yes it was truly a Sabbath to delight in with my family.

Let me tell you, those cookies were super yummy. Super yummy, go forth and make dear friends.

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Jared and Rachel Judy said...

I add 1/2 cup of flour to our tollhouse cookies! Yum. And yes, Can't wait for a bigger kitchen!