Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow day!

We finally got some decent snow the past couple days!!!!!!!!!! Max is a freaking rockstar out there. I love to play with him oh so much outside, it's like his whole world is happy once again.
We got a TON of snow in about an hour, it was so fun to go out into that snow storm with the kids (there was A LOT of crying from the babies before we finally got out there for so many reasons but once they were on the sled they were finally happy!)
 Bryson kills me. I love him so much.
 I can't really remember if Quinny ever cracked a smile those 20 minutes outside, I mean he probably did but just LOOK at that face!
 They were happy when our outside excursion ended.
 20 min of tears to begin the adventure. 10 minutes of outside fun, 5 minutes of tears outside, and 20 more minutes of tears inside of getting clothes off, i'm hungry, my face is cold, clean up the clothes inside. Sigh, I love winter, I love winter, I love winter, I love winter. (I actually truly do LOVE winter when there's snow outside, it gives us a fun reason to GO outside in the cold!!!)
 In the afternoon we brought the snow inside for the kids which they always love so much!
 The babies couldn't stop eating it!
 Max built snow castles

The end.

I'd be thoroughly happy with more snow sent our way!


Cherri said...

What a mommy champ!

Cherri said...

showed this post to dad.... loved it. I want the pic of Max at the top and serious Quinny