Tuesday, January 19, 2016

pooping stories and other happy moments of motherhood

Here's what I happened to see my hooligans doing after they were silent up there for 15 minutes, whatever, Until someone cries then I will worry about it.

I need to figure out a new niche for blogging for me. I used to just LOVE blogging and I couldn't wait until I could sit down and post these cute pictures I took of Max and the sweet stories or feelings of that day or a cute little complaint about motherhood. Fast forward to having twins and I am so exhausted when kids are sleeping, Max has most probably done lots awful stuff that day and I don't take like any pictures with my big girl camera almost ever because I'm worn out from fall's family photo season and it's so much easier to take crappy pictures on my iPhone of the kids. But THEN i have to get the pictures onto my computer, shoot me now! It takes forever.

BUT I love blogging, I really do. It can be so totally therapeutic (on awful terrible no good days, let's be real) but I find myself really living in the present, seeing the joy and capturing the small sweet moments of everyday with my little stay at home army! So we need to find a balance.

Let's just forever and always assume in EVERY post I ever post the beginning true words "I'm so tired and exhausted" I will then delete those and save you the time of reading that, but know they are there. ha.

Our hands are getting REALLY full with these kids, 97 pounds right here!

If something really awesomely awful happened I will share though, because later it's funny.

Like that one time last week when Max wouldn't poop on the potty (HE'S TOTALLY POTTY TRAINED PEOPLE! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) and I was scrubbing poop out of his underwear (luckily that only happened once for us, wee!) and locked the door because I didn't want the kids in the shoebox size bathroom with me getting into things while my hands were occupied, Max was crying, whining at the door. Oh well I thought. 

Oh well was wrong.

I came out to 3 more big logs of poop on the floor in my room (thus Maxson's crying and whining because he was scared to poop more in no underwear, diaper, or potty, poor kid and was probably scared and embarrassed on what he was doing) and then cute little Quinn squatting right next to the poop touching it seeing what this strange object was.

Did I paint a good picture for ya?

It was funny in the moment actually, and I'm really glad I laughed through it.

So yes, those kind of moment I will share with you.

But the ones where Quinn and Bry had the worst diaper rashes the past 2 weeks we were struggling with and I finally had to let Quinn go naked for a long time to dry it out because he was constantly having runny poop every 10 minutes so I cleaned mushy poop off my floors about 6 times that day. Yeah I will spare you those ones. Because that's just the misery of motherhood sometimes and you gotta just suck it up.

I'm already SO done with winter. It really hasn't even been super long yet since it didn't start until mid December but I can't go anywhere with my kids during the day when it's cold out. We can go to the church and they can run wild. Beyond that, there is literally no way I can handle my kids out in public alone. It's rough.

Winter is killing my soul nice and slowly, per usual.

The babies are the best sleepers, I thank my lucky stars we see trained them so early (because we were so exhausted from our kids we had no energy but to let themselves cry for a few minutes before they would go to sleep, best thing I ever did).

This morning we woke up at 5:30 to the lights on downstairs, Max turned the TV on himself, found a cartoon channel, got a few yogurts from the fridge and went to town.
Sign I love him and struggle with him, ha.

I thought I was only going to share positive things on here unless it was super bad that it's just so funny. As you can see that didn't happen, Oh well, I'm actually very happy in my insanely chaotic, messy, crazy life.

There's little bits of bright happiness all day long, like when Bryson can't stop saying "momeeee and daddy!" all day long, or when Quinn won't stop giving Bryson and books kisses, or when Max (shockingly) hugs one of his brothers after he hurts them and is genuinely saying sorry. Yes, those little bright moments make all the crappy stuff worth it.

Peace out.

ps- did I ever mention you should click on the links of the advertisements on the side of blog when you visit? You should because I get a penny every time you do and if I even got a penny for every diaper change I've done in the past 15 months I'd be a RICH woman! SO let's start those pennies coming my way, shall we? wink wink. You can totally just exit out of them after you click on them.

pps- I never have time to re read this before I post more often than not, I am sincerely sorry for my grammatical errors. The children are crying so I must go forth

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