Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas (festivities) with the Cutlers in AZ

For Christmas evening we headed down to Casey's brother's house, about 30 minutes away to join with the Cutler's on the rest of our Christmas festivities! We had a delicious Christmas dinner with ham, rolls, green beans, potatoes, and sparkling cider; the normal awesomeness. Maxson was excited to "cheers" everyone with his cup
The kids spent A TON of time outside on the ball pit tramp all week. Cody and Camille were brilliant to add the balls to the tramp! Sadly it was a tin bit cold all week and with the tramp being in the shade the babies didn't get to spend as much time out there as they would have liked. Whenever the door opened and closed without them going outside they had a fit crying at the door, ha. There were also lots of tears shed on the tramp from kids (cough cough Maxson) being too rough on others.
We went in the evening to see temple lights! Did I mention we loved having Tayli back for Christmas? She is such a joy to be around, truly. We love that girl so much.

The girls got pedicures one afternoon and we all thoroughly enjoyed. It was disgusted at the amount of skin they got off with literally a cheese grater! Eww. BUT the sugar scrub was so wonderful, it's my favorite part! I was stoked for my gold nail polish. On a different day the boys went golfing per usual.
We watched a few movies while together including Far from Madding Crowd, Transformers, and the Ultimate gift. There were 2 games of settlers played together, and a bunch of delicious desserts thanks to Camille!
We went to San Tan Flats for dinner one evening, that sure was a fun place! Imagine this: a "restaurant" outdoors with tons of fire pits and camping tables smooshed together as close as they could fit, loud country music, no waiters, no rules, a building close by you can go in and order great steak/cowboy food. It was just a super fun atmosphere. i wish the babies had been on year older though, they make things difficult ha. Cody and Camille came prepared with skewers and marshmallows. graham crackers, chocolate, and reese's for dessert, it was so fun! It was a little colder than we all anticipated, we totally would have stayed longer if we weren't worried for the babies being cold, oh yeah, and cranky to go to bed. But I definitely recommend this place if you're willing to get there!

The family went to Fat Cats and went golfing, then headed to Oregano's for delicious dinner! I stuck back at my parent's house with the babies to visit a cousin who came in town from SLC. Divide and conquer.
For 3 mornings straight we went to Camille's boot camp she does every morning. It was really fun and super hard! She's got a great thing going on with the group she's apart of. We were all super sore but it was fun working out as a family. Half the year they workout at a park while 2 moms watch the kids on a playground and during the really hot months of the year they workout at a dance studio in one of the rooms.
We met up with my mom at this really fun park kinda far away. It was totally worth the drive though, the Camille's and our kids had an absolute blast there. Do you see that huge structure smack in the middle? It's this super duper tall rope structure that kids can just freely climb. Totally dangerous and totally awesome. I love that these ropes courses give kids a legit challenge and once the succeed their confidence is totally boosted.
For New Year's Eve we went with Cody and Camille to Schnepf Farms! The stake rents out the facility and all are invited! The rides and food were free, the kids loved it all so much. At 7:45 they lit  off fireworks for a great end to the evening. The Cutlers had already left town that morning but my mom joined in with us and we couldn't have done it without her!

Other memories to be added:

Sleeping was hilarious. We began the week with our family of 5 in one room. We can sleep like that for one night but beyond that it's miserable and the babies wake up more and realize we're in the room with them and it's just awful. So we took our air mattress into Cody and Camille's room on their floor where Tayli was on the floor too. It was comical with all the beds everywhere. And their little boy was in their closet, ha. To add to the fun we had to blow up our air mattress like 3 times or more during the night, ha. Oh the memory making.

Often when we're with the Cutlers it feels like I'm living in the beginning part of Home Alone (without the really mean Uncle). There's so much hustle and bustle and noise and people working in every direction, children making mischief, but an overall sense of happiness of being together. And it's always really loud with the children awake.

A week or two later while writing this I know there's fun details I'm missing but oh well. It was a fun time together, Cutlers. Glad we were all able to meet up!

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