Thursday, January 21, 2016

Surviving winter

Hey there, winter is still killing my soul over here.

I don't think I got out of the house once yesterday. I'd reckon that's pretty unhealthy with how little our home is and how many children I have constantly at my feet.

yesterday my throat was shot for something and I could seriously only whisper all day long to talk to Max and the babies. At one point in the day Max was downstairs yelling "mommy!" and I couldn't yell back to answer him so he just kept yelling and yelling and yelling my name while i finished my task upstairs. Soon enough the babies caught on and were on the stairs both yelling "mama! momeeeeeieee!" It was quite funny, luckily.

I was so patient at first but then my patience went more down and downhill as the evening dragged on.

I definitely had some repenting to do that night. A little before we put the kids to bed I thought to myself "oh man, this is one of those evenings that I would look back on and not be proud of myself, tomorrow I will do better."  I'm so grateful for the power of repentance in my life. All too often I take it for granted and go about my merry day but without it, I would be lost. For me repentance is so often used in those small imperfections of life  and I am not going to let them hold me back. Grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ!

Casey and I tried ending the night on a happy note with our kids and inflated our little bounce house in the basement. Sadly it leaks lots of air so we got to fix that pronto, but back to the bounce house. Max was in heaven, no surprise. Bryson liked it quite a bit even with all the accidental abusings Max gave him, and then Quinn just did not like it at all. It was fun for the first little while and then once babies wouldn't stop crying because they were getting hurt too much and Max just wouldn't listen to us anymore. Oh the glamorous life I live.

BUT today, the bounce house was still out. So the kids and I blew it up, Max burned off a little energy for 10 minutes, it was great.

So, here's to surviving winter.

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