Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Life with Maxson

Bubbles, yay! Max dumps them out

Play dough, yay! Maxson smears it in unwanted places.

Water color painting, yay! Maxson takes a fork to the paint and forces it out to make a mess on the floor.

Sigh. Hopefully he'll grow out of it someday?

We also went to Sam's Club one evening with a gift card we needed to use although we don't have a membership. After a really long trip stocking up on food and other life necessities we end up spending about 30 more minutes at customer service working out details. Our children were going CRAZY. We were THAT family at the store with screaming children (Bryson with is shrieking unhappy sounds, Maxson when we forced him to get in a cart, Quinn when someone else wanted a sip of water from the drink). Maxson kept running away from us behind the worker's counter and after counting to 3 about a million times he absolutely WOULD NOT listen to us. It's one thing discipline your child at home and another out and about in front of people, there's only so much whisper-threatening can do. It was undoubtedly one of the most painful nights of my life, far worse than the airport and traveling. For one, I wasn't prepared  for it and two, there was so much eye staring.

AND we're potty training Maxson, or should I say fight training Maxson. Holy monkey I should have just stuck to it back when he was SUPER eager about it a couple months ago. Yesterday he went potty once on the toilet and like 5 times in his pants plus a ton in a pull up when we were out and about. I should give up but I don't want to let him win! Grr! It's 11:30 am, he's drank a ton of juice and gone once on the toilet, no accidents, but only once all morning, seriously? I need to stick to it for at least this week and not just give up because the first day was insanely unseccusful compared to the first time we did it. He picked out potty prize of fruit snacks at Sam's Club, we'll see if it works.

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Cherri said...

oh honey... only comfort.... this too shall pass....