Wednesday, February 3, 2016

in the picture

For the month of February I'm getting in the picture!!!! I did this 2 years ago in March, and it was really fun to go look back on recently when flipping through our family album.  I won't be posting these on instagram because that would be annoying to see everyday, ha, I'll post the days' recent pictures over here every few days!

21/16- Babies 15 month check up. They had just gotten their shots and as you can see from Bryson's face, still recovering. Their new squeaky toys were the prize for them!
2/2/16- Making cinnamon rolls with Maxson. Playdough playing skills come quite in handy when it comes to real life baking skills 
2/3/16- I usually don't get to sit down for breakfast until a couple hours  after the babies have finished theirs so by the time I do sit down they're ready for round two of my breakfast.

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Cherri said...

Oh 2nd breakfast....luv that hobit tradition!