Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Birthday Celebration: Cake! and a Carousel!

I couldn't believe how these boys devoured their cake. They had just eaten a big dinner! No problem, they were all over it! We used whip cream for the frosting which was nice and messy without being overly sweet and thick, thumbs up.

 Bryson could not wait to dig in.

 Quinn was little more hesitant but got into it later, he didn't get very messy though just straight in the mouth
 They just loved the cake. When they finished their cake and you were holding a baby, they tried to lean way far forward to the cake you were eating (Oreo of course for the adults!)

 So lucky to have my mom there! And Katie is literally a family member in our home right now, she's  a HUGE part of their lives the past year.

 Bryson digging in.
Quinn digging in.
 The next day we made it to the carousel! That's our 1 year birthday celebration for our kids. It was way too little and fast and totally made us adults sick, ha. But they loved it, both babies had huge smiles on their faces :)

The end of birthday celebration week!

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