Sunday, October 18, 2015

The pumpkin patch

Yes, we joined the other 42 gajillion people on IG and Facebook and went to a pumpkin patch this weekend too! We trucked our way out to Roca's Berry Farm (akin to that of Cornbelly's Utahinians). It was the perfect brisk weather, (overpriced) pumpkins around us galore, cute little kid fall stuff, pig races, corn pits, corn maze, tractor rides, face cut outs, bounce houses, a bail/mountain of hay to climb in, and a scary section at night that we didn't go to. Once we got in the car both Casey and I were like "Oh my gosh, this is why we don't go that many 'fun' places with our little family very often, it's so much work and so tiring!" It was fun, but our kids are just exhausting, if you'd like to walk my shoes for a day I'd gladly allow you to rent them ;) onto pictures.

 They had about 4 different very large different kinds of slides that were really fun for one and all to do. Casey would go down once with Max, then I would go with him, and then Casey once more. I'm so happy we took the stroller in, we debated on wearing the babies in ergos but this worked so much better.
 The whole time  in the corn pit was spent trying to stop the babies from putting the corn kernels in their mouths

 gerbil race

 This slide on the right was so fun and FAST sitting on burlap sacks.

I am actually so glad we went. All our other years here we told ourselves we'd wait until our last year to go to a Halloween/pumpkin patch in the area once Max could actually enjoy it and enjoy it he did!

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Cherri said...

Oh Ye ha and that is why parents should have kids YOUNG ha you guys are soooo good!