Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lightbulbs, football, conference, outside time

All summer long there were these large lightbulbs all around the city celebrating/spreading awareness for a local organization that helps teens have beneficial after school programs instead of making mischief! There were 51 in total scattered throughout the city, it was super fun playing treasure hunt for these all summer. They ended the public art display recently and gathered all the lightbulbs in one place for everyone to view and then they auctioned them off! Max enjoyed the first 5 lightbulbs and didn't care about the other 46. We had a great time chasing him :)

This one below was my favorite, so pretty! Max insisted on taking the pictures for us half way through the night.
There was free balloon twisting at the event. Max definitely was SUPER excited to get his balloon.
This was the owl lightbulb just a few blocks from out house! We finally took a walk to it just days before it disappeared! It sold for $7500!!!!!
I got to go to a flag football game of Casey's! This is his last year getting to play on intramural football! They lost but it was fun to watch him. Casey made one super excellent catch that game that I got to see!!!!

"The old guys" team.
And a few more from General Conference the weekend before.!

ANNNNNNNNND some park/outside pictures of recently.

We've been loving hanging out at this tiny park/green area next to the dental school while Max chases squirrels and birds!
More dad visiting during school breaks. How grateful I am for dental school being only a 7 minute walk from our house!

The boy gang in our neighborhood.
The babies are always trying to take things from each other. In this instance it was a ping pong ball in Quinn's mouth.

And then the baby getting stolen from starts yell-screaming.
Maxson is the best at holding one of the boys while in the wagon! So cute to see. If the walk is too long Max will start telling me his legs hurt, ha.
One park day day it began pouring rain on us! We all squeezed under the little ramada area for about 15 minutes while all the wild 2 and 3 year olds ran crazy in the rain.

We also walk to an area on campus quite often with cows and horses to visit. Max loves it so much.These cows are seriously HUGE and SOOO interested in people, it's the funniest thing.

And the end :)

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