Sunday, October 11, 2015

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Holy monkey, you never appreciate your health more than when you are sick, blah.

Saturday starting around 4 am I only got out of bed all day long to take trips to the bathroom to throw up, it was awful. My stomach was in pain all day. Nothing like leaning over the toilet throwing up and your almost 3 year old coming in next to you watching and say "Wus wong mama? Was wong? Happin?"

I was so thankful I was sick like that on a Saturday so Casey could be home and take over the house and kids and I didn't feel like a burden on a friend or neighbor. A week before that I had another random terrible day of stomach pain for most the day but never ended up throwing up, and I could still function enough as a mom.

Now today Casey is taking his turn being sick. Except not throwing up. That guy has never thrown up in our whole marriage. It's almost 6 years! I on the other hand throw up at least once a year, it's dumb.

So our poor home, hopefully we don't/haven't passed this sickness along to our dear friends :(


This week our ponderize scripture was Joshua 1:5-6 "As I was with Moses I will be with thee, I will not forsake thee nor fail thee. BE STRONG and of GOOD COURAGE"

I had a picture of the scripture and my kids on my phone, we had it on the fridge, and we were constantly having Maxson repeat it, it was a really great experience! Hopefully we can continue forward with that!


This week I was scheduled to have 6 photo shoots, they all got rescheduled to next week because of weather, things came up, or I was sick. So that was a wasted week as a photographer, blah.

But I did get to go to the hospital to take pictures of my friend's brand spankin new baby! It was so sweet!!!!!


Of the time we are all awake during the day, I'd say we spend 1/3-1/2 of our time outside. It's so wonderful outside. Temperatures range from 60's-80's depending on the day. Fall is here and it's BEAUTIFUL. Last year I didn't get to really enjoy fall at all because I was HUGE pregnant with the twinsies and couldn't get places very easily. This year we are out walking everyday somewhere and we're seeing fall slowly get more colorful everyday and so many different trees, I love it! It's been fun teaching Max about it too!

The different things about Nebraska vs Utah fall is that since Utah has these large beautiful mountains all around, you slowly see fall coming down the mountain and it just lasts longer. Here in Nebraska it is all flat so fall comes and goes fast it seems! We're trying to take in this beauty as much as we can!


Quinn got tubes in his ears this week. They didn't put in normal tubes because the shape of his ear drum was worse than normal causing some bad problems, poor kid. He had a really hard time waking up from it. He was practically unconsolable it was so sad, so so so sad. After a good 3 hour nap he was back to normal. So here's to hoping for no more ear infections!


Usually the kids wake up between 6-6:45. I'm used to that time now and it's not bad at all (the twinges got to bed at 7, and Max sometime between 8-9 but he takes a 3 hour nap during the day so it all equals out). Well Thursday-Sunday this week Bryson has woken up at 5:10, 5:45, 5:30, and 4:45 respectively. Happy as can be!! I'm like WHAT?!?!?! The Thursday morning wake up at 5:10 I was up and getting ready for Quinn's ear tubes surgery at that time anyways so we were all messed up and hand to deal with it. Friday's at 5:45 wasn't WAY too off the normal time so we just got up. Saturday's 5:30 time I was up throwing up in the bathroom with the light on and we all were messed up with it. So TODAY, Sunday, no one was up at 4:45 so I was like, "uh uh, you are going back to sleep." Max came in our room (and never totally went back to sleep), Quinn must have mostly slept through it, and Bryson finally went back to sleep at 45 minutes of happily talking and then angrily crying.

With Max in our bed I kept telling him different things like "The sun is still sleeping so you have to go back to sleep"  "Go back to sleep one more time and then you can wake up" "Do you want oatmeal with sprinkles for breakfast? Ok then go back to sleep and you can have it when we wake up" And then when I was really desperate that last 20-30 min he just played (soundless) games on my phone. Oh jeeze, what we do to survive!


I hope to stay up on our family pictures this week, I am SO behind from phone pictures over the last 2 months, sigh, I just need to press forward though and not look back. I have switched to a  new organizing method since it will be better long term so I need to keep with it!


If you made it to the end, great!

Happy Sabbath Day! We will sadly not be attending church today because of our sickness and that makes me really sad. I truly miss the opportunity to partake of the sacrament, it is so special to my heart.  We will go over our Relief Society and Priesthood lessons as well as the nursery lesson with Max and fill up our soul a little. I also hope to read through some conference talks today too! I hope you enjoy your family on this the Lord's Day!


Jessie and Austin said...

I wondered where you were, what an awful drag being so sick, I'm so sorry!!!
Also, my neighbor Stacy helped with Quinn's tubes at the surgery center! Really nice, short hair, mom of four.
Also also, you are a good example of incorporating gospel teaching into your home. I like when you talk about what you are doing to bring the spirit into your day.
Love youuuu feel better!!!

Alissa said...

I had no idea Quinn had to get tubes, poor babe. You are a trooper and an awesome mamma. :)