Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The happiest of birthdays to my TWO birthday boys!

Bryson, Quinn- 1 years old.

My babies are one years old, ONE, ONE, ONE! I can't believe it. I mean, I can and I can't.

Not going to lie, this last year has been a long slow one at times. It has been more work than I could have ever imagined. There was so much crying. A lot less getting out. More depending on my husband and others.

BUT!!! It has been so much fun to have two babies at the same time. Two times the fun and love for sure. It has been a circus but the circus is fun, right?! Watching twins develop together has been so hilariously cute.

It has gone so fast, the days and months have been a blur just running into each other and suddenly it's been a whole year. It fees like just yesterday I was that huge pregnant girl that was huge for 4 months.

But it really has been so wonderful. These boys bring the biggest smile to my face, their relationship with each other is the most amazing thing, one you could never forge any other way than being a twin. They've made me laugh so much. I love them so dearly.

Quinny and Bry Bry, you have stretched me to be a better mom in so many ways and my heart has truly grown 3 times in size having you two as my babies. I'm glad you survived all my threats to eat because you are so cute. Don't grow up, you're so gosh darn cute!


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