Friday, October 30, 2015

A Birthday Celebration!

I was so excited to celebrate these babies! We began the morning with candles on our waffles, a birthday call from Grammy and Grandpa where they opened the cutest books in the whole wide world. We went for a walk with friends, they took a nap, played a while, and then took another nap.  When they awoke we opened presents, ate dinner (lasagna), and then invited friends over to eat cake and sing happy birthday to the babies. It was a great day!
 Bryson's faces
 Quinny's faces

 The birthday boys!

 Casey's Grandpa and Grandma sent them $1 each, so we had Max and Casey go to the dollar store to pick out gifts for them. He found them (really annoyingly loud) little toy trucks they they immediately put in their mouth. Max was SUPER eager to help them open gifts..and then play with their gifts, ha, luckily the babies did not mind.

 Granny and Papa gave them some PJ's and sparkle sticks

 And lastly we got got them these bog stuffed animals that they were over the moon about.
 Our Aunt Katie got them THE CUTEST jackets in the whole wide world. So beyond adorable I can't stand it. Wish they came in my size!

 I'm hoping we'll get lots of use out of them!

Tomorrow: cake!

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The Blackwelders said...

Looks like fun! Happy birthday boys! You're right... Those jackets are so stinkin cute